Minggu, 13 April 2014

[Saksi Fiksi] A Tale of a Tail

There was a told tale about a man with a tail,
everyone said his future was about to fail.

Some says it's a curse, others thought as a gift,
but he only has one question: "how am I to live?"

He was ashamed, he was depressed,
for his divergence as an eternal dress.

Every male would mock, every female would sneer,
loneliness and unhappiness are constantly his fear.

His innocent tail finds the true meaning of blame,
for its existence is never wanted and always a shame.

One day he entered the kitchen and seized a knife,
he thought as the only way in finding a wife.

He wants to be happy and wished nothing but ordinary,
he chopped his tail then greet his normalcy.

Soon he ran into a lady who was pretty as could be,
they fell in love and he finally felt free.

Yet in the end, she refused to be married,
when asked why, she suddenly got worried.

She asked him back after powerfully biting a nail,
"do you really want to marry a girl who owns a tail?"