Kamis, 20 Maret 2014

[Subliminal] Contemplation I: Sorrow to Borrow

There was a girl who came out of a tree,
she thought she's human, but she's really a cherry.

With her red skin she never forgets to carry,
she felt nothing underneath but merry and cheery.

One day she fell and she fell really hard,
yet she didn't fall apart, she still has her heart.

She recalls not her agony nor her tragedy,
but how to be free and how to be jolly.

Up on the tree, she lived so comfortably,
where the world was to see and never to be.

She finally gave up and about to climb down,
to be excited for the adventure to be found.

She might be in danger, she would be at low,
but she was honestly sure, that she hoped to grow.

She would borrow my sorrow and take it to her new tree,
just to remind her that she will always be a happy cherry.